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"I got a lot stronger, my balance improved, and I believe I added 5 to 10 mph of club head speed throughout the bag. I really enjoyed the overall program and thought the videos were high-quality and easy to access. I would absolutely recommend this entire program to my golfing buddies"

Dr. Mike Murphy, 14 Handicap, and Swinging Strong

The Swing Strong 90 online course is for you.  This mobile-friendly course can go with you wherever you go, your living room, the gym, the tee-box or the putting green. Revolutionize your game by joining the Swing Strong 90 movement!

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Steenberg - 2016 World Long Drive Runner Up

Kramer Hickok, Professional Golfer, 

University of Texas 2015, Mackenzie (Canadian) Tour Player Of The Year 2017

"Steenberg has had a huge impact on unleashing wanted power, speed, and efficiency in my golf swing. The combination of golf specific biomechanical guided strength training has unlocked endless amounts of power and speed that I didn't even know I had. Through his proven system I was able to gain 30 yards and 10 mph of club head speed in just 6 months."

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